there's more to come


We've got some more tricks up our sleeves and our job is never done. We picture Hart's Camp growing into a neighborhood and community that offers all sort of activities to our guests. With our plans for outdoor stages, meeting rooms, game spaces, and maybe even a wedding venue we've got a few things coming that will be sure to keep it interesting every time you return. But, remember it's all still in the works and we love to hear your feedback. See some of our ideas below and let us know what you think.



Lorem ipsum idea starters We want Hart's Camp to transform into an environment that allows multiple families to come, to stay, to play and leave feeling closer than when they came. Invite the whole crew for reunions, a family friend weekend, or maybe just to start some new traditions. With a step up from camping, each family or visitor will have the privacy of their own home, but the bonus of communal spaces to share. With plans in the works for family-friendly games, an indoor pool and maybe even a mini-golf course or volleyball court we want to keep you busy no matter where you choose to play. 



Lorem ipsum idea starters With our plans to add little houses, container homes and even more airstreams we think we can accommodate every adventurer that stays with us. We want to create our own neighborhoods for each type of home to make a community that offers a variety of options for your stay. Each visitor or group can have the privacy of their own unique home, but the community of their friends or coworkers just a knock away. We picture this set-up being perfect for corporate meetings, wedding parties, friend-bonding weekends, family reunions and more. 



Lorem ipsum idea starters. With Pacific City as your backyard, our guests can always venture out to explore some tidepools, find a new hike, or have a day of play on the beach, and we want the stay inside the camp to be just as fun. In the heart of Hart's camp surrounded by our neighborhoods, we want to create a clubhouse of activities, including an indoor pool, locker room, game room, meeting rooms, communal fire pit and outdoor amphitheater. For the entry, we envision even more fun with a mini golf course, volleyball court and maybe even some food trucks too! 


Fill out the form below and maybe you'll see it come to life.